Welcome to Land Grant Doc Club!

The goal of Land Grant Doc Club is to provide a place for students interested in documentary filmmaking to get together and learn about their craft. Doc Club is opening to all current University of Tennessee students. Our meetings will include workshopping sessions, guest speakers and trainings.

In addition to being a place to learn about docs, we hope Doc Club will be a place where people collaborate to make documentaries for television and film festivals. In this vein, we always leave time in our meetings for pitches, workshopping and other help tied to projects people are currently working on.

Below you can find more information about our upcoming meetings and find information about getting involved in making Land Grant Micros.

If you have any questions about Land Grant Doc Club (or LGF in general) contact Land Grant Films' director, Prof. Nick Geidner

We will meet every other Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Scripps Lab (402 Communication Building). Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet on the September 27 due to a scheduling conflict with the Scripps Lab.

August 30 - Introductions

September 13 - Micro doc pitches and interview workshop

September 27 - No meeting

October 11 - To be determined

October 25 - Local filmmakers Buck Kahler and Debra Dylan

November 5 - To be determined

View a Micro Doc

This was our first micro doc. It was produced by JEM students Abby Bower and Brock Zych with some additional shooting by Prof. Nick Geidner and LGF assistant director Clint Elmore. You can go back to the Land Grant Films main page to see more of our micro docs.

Learn how to make a Micro Doc

We created a quick guide to making Micro Docs with for Land Grant Films. The guide includes basic information about what makes a good micro doc, the breakdown of a basic micro doc, and the assets you need to match the rest of our micro docs.

Read the guide...

Pitch a Micro Doc

Before pitching a story, read the guide to making a Micro Doc. We're looking for unique stories from around Knoxville. We will occasionally do campus stories, but we want to maintain a broader focus than just UT.

If you pitch a story we decide to go with, you will be given first opportunity to be involved in the production of the doc. So if you want to get involved quick, come up with good story ideas and you'll be making films in no time.

Pitch a story now...

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